Roya Karchani - Founder & Interior Designer

Roya Karchani - Founder & Interior Designer

Local & Imported Furniture

At RK Furniture, we believe that our clients should have access to all that they desire, and that is why work hard to provide a wide range of options by importing from countries all around the world and working alongside local manufacturers to create customized furniture. 

Customized Furniture

RK Furniture offers customers the opportunity to bring their dream furniture to life. Whether it is re-creating a design you've found online or designing a piece alongside our team of designers, the possibilities are endless. Our partnerships with carpenters and manufactures locally and worldwide enable us to re-create any design and style within a short time period.

Furniture Rental

RK Furniture offers furniture rental to all designers and realtors looking to stage their properties. Our competitive prices and wide range of options are guaranteed to help expedite the sale of any type of property from commercial to residential. We also offer staging services.

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